Fusio is an open source project which you can use freely also for commercial projects under the terms of the AGPL. We want to build a sustainable open source project with a long term relationship to our users. This means that we are able to develop and build tools around the Fusio ecosystem and that our users can benefit from this. As additional perks we provide some services to our donors to be even more productive with Fusio.


  • Support our ongoing effort to improve Fusio
  • Get a Sponsor badge on your profile
$10 a month


  • Access to our apigen.app code generator
  • Generate complete APIs based on Entity or OpenAPI definitions
  • Create simple CRUD APIs in minutes
  • Deploy the generated code directly to a remote Fusio instance
$20 a month


  • Access to our fusio.cloud platform
  • Allows you to easily create a Fusio instance in the cloud
  • Great for testing and evaluation of Fusio
$50 a month


If you are not familiar with the AGPL license we got you covered. Basically it means that you can do everything with the project but if you make modifications to the source code you need to publish those changes also as open source under the AGPL license. In the case of Fusio, configuring an action at the backend is _not_ a modification to the source code, it is only a configuration, so you don`t need to publish such actions. A modification is if you actually create a PHP source file and change the behaviour of Fusio.

With this license choice we are following the footsteps of great projects like Wordpress or Nextcloud. Like Wordpress enables every human to be able to publish content on the web, we want to enable everybody to build high quality APIs, which makes the digitalization of the world possible. If you have any further questions please use our contact page.