Fusio 3.0 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are really happy to announce the release of version 3.0 of Fusio. This release contains may fixes and improvements to Fusio. We like to thank all our users and customers who have greatly shaped Fusio to one of the best and simplest tools to create an API product. The following list covers the most important changes of this release:

  • PHP 8.0 as minimum requirement

    The minimum PHP requirement of Fusio is now PHP 8.0

  • Updated code base and underling dependencies to PHP 8.0

    We have improved our complete code base by making use of new PHP 8.0 features and also updated all dependencies to support PHP 8

  • Improved handling of social login credentials

    The social login credentials are now placed at the settings panel. Through this you can configure a social login provider even if you have no access to the filesystem

  • Improved cron system

    We have improved our cron system so that you now only need to invoke a single command which internally triggers all cronjobs

  • Removed internal scopes from OpenAPI spec #443

    The OpenAPI spec no longer shows all Fusio internal scopes and only the scope which are related to your app

  • Reset password link in email incorrect #436

    We have adjusted the password reset link to the correct url

  • Notification in case a user runs out of points #427

    We now send a mail in case a user runs out of points, you can also configure the threshold at the settings panel

  • "Entry successful deleted" incorrectly reported #429

    The SQLDelete action now returns a proper 404 response in case the entry which you try to delete does not exist

  • Added an option to deactivate the marketplace

    We have added config flag to activate or deactivate the marketplace

  • Updated docker image which now contains all apps and adapter

    We have improved our docker image which now contains by default all apps. Previously we have installed the apps dynamically on start up but this makes it more difficult to run a container in a restricted environment. Now the image contains all apps and the marketplace is deactivated. If you need other apps you need to include them in the image

  • Include Swagger-UI in developer portal

    We have included the Swagger-UI app into the developer portal which makes it more easier for users to explore your API

  • Updated help in backend app using now our website

    We have migrated all of our documentation to the new website which is now also embedded into the backend app

  • Improved file upload handling

    We have improved the way how to handle file uploads at an action

  • Add files directory routes provider and actions

    It is now possible to create a REST API based on a folder. This can be helpful in case you want to expose a directory of i.e. CSV files

So we hope that you like this release and we are really happy and excited about the future of Fusio.

Besides all those technical changes we have also greatly improved the content of our YouTube channel and documentation website which should help all users to work with Fusio. All our websites are complete open so please feel free to make any changes in case you have found an error or you want to improve the documentation.