Fusio 3.3 released

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We like to announce version 3.3 of Fusio. This release contains some great changes regarding code generation and our SDKs. The following post covers all important changes of this release:

  • Updated developer app to latest sdk version

    The developer app now uses the latest version of our Angular SDK which you can also use to build an Angular App based on Fusio. It provides already many services and components to handle user registration and app management. Please take a look at the developer app to see how you can integrate the SDK

  • Fix link of the default developer portal content #474

    We have fixed the links of the default content from the developer app

  • Add metadata property to important models and remove fusio_user_attributes config #470

    We have removed the fusio_user_attributes config and added a general "metadata" concept to important models of Fusio. This means i.e. if you create a user, app or route via API you can attach additional metadata to this entity, like a reference id from the remote system which has issued the request. This should help to better integrate Fusio programmatically into your system

  • Record period start/end date of subscriptions to get a list of active plans for a user

    Our transaction table now also logs the start and end date of a subscription period. Through this we can now also return all active subscriptions for a user

  • Add option to configure a return url for the payment portal

    It is now possible to configure a return url for the payment portal in case it is not possible to globally configure such an url

  • Include plan scopes in user account response

    It is possible to assign scopes at a plan, a user then receives those scopes if the plan is assigned to the user. The account response now also contains those scopes obtained through a plan

  • Add generate SDK command

    We have added a new command which helps to automatically generate the sdk by simply using the command php bin/fusio generate:sdk.

  • Add generate model command

    We have added a new command which generates models based on a TypeSchema specification. The file must be located at resources/typeschema.json and all models are automatically generated at src/Model

  • Add generate table command

    The generate table command generates all table classes for the tables which you have defined in your migration file. All tables classes are generated at src/Table

Have fun with this release and please feel free to provide any feedback either on Github or at our Forum.

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