Fusio 3.3.1 released

posted by chriskapp on

We like to announce version 3.3.1 of Fusio. This patch release improves many small parts of Fusio, the following list covers all important changes of this release:

  • Improve generator always set prefix to route, action and schema

    Fusio provides several generator to i.e. create endpoints based on an existing database or to import an OpenAPI specification, all actions and schemas which are created by such a generator are now prefixed by the base path.

  • Improve SQL adapter

    We have fixed several problems with SQL adapter and also added a new SqlDatabase generator which allow you to create endpoints for an existing database

  • Update model package and use model classes according to naming convention

    We now use the latest version of the model package and updated all schemas accordingly

  • Add local log folder instead of using the system log

    All logs files are now stored at the log/app.log file and not the syslog

  • Handle CORS headers on OpenAPI export

    The OpenAPI export endpoint handles now also the CORS headers correctly

  • Add currency to system about

    The system about API response contains also the configured currency

  • Increase Psalm level

    We have increased the psalm level from 4 to 3 on our complete fusio/impl code base

Have fun with this release and please feel free to provide any feedback either on Github or at our Forum.

Best regards