Fusio 4.0.5 released

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We are happy to announce version 4.0.5 of Fusio, this release contains mainly bug fixes from the daily work with Fusio. In the following list we cover all important changes:

  • Fix developer portal password reset captcha

    If you had configured a recaptcha for the developer portal it was not correctly shown at the password reset dialog, this is now fixed.

  • Truncate long User-Agent headers

    If you run a Fusion instance on the internet you notice some errors in case some bots with really long user agents visit your API. With this release we truncate really long user agent headers.

  • HTTP processor ignore hop by hop headers

    The HTTP Processor action ignores specific hop by hop headers, most importantly Transfer-Encoding so that it is possible to redirect "chunked" responses.

  • HTTP processor add input to configure fix query parameters

    It is now possible to hard-code specific query parameters which are always passed to the remote endpoint.

  • HTTP processor and connection set user agent

    The HTTP Processor and Connection now sets a fitting User-Agent header.

  • HTTP connection add option to set an Authorization header

    It is now also possible to set a fix Authorization header to authenticate against the remote endpoint.

  • Fix record serialization so that it is possible to put a record into the queue

    It is now possible to put a record instance directly into the queue, i.e. if you simply want to pass the request body into the queue.

As a heads up, we are currently working in the background at the next major Fusio 5.0 release, the release will include the following big features:

  • Multi-Tenancy

    This will allow us to setup a single big Fusio instance where you can run multiple clients. This feature is also the basis for our future redesign where developers can simply register to get a Fusio instance in the cloud.

  • Worker redesign

    Currently the worker system uses the Apache Thrift protocol, we plan to redesign this into a simple REST API so that it is also possible to run a worker on a serverless platform like AWS Lambda. We will also make the worker stateless so that it is no longer needed to persist the credentials at the worker.

  • Personal Access Tokens

    Similar to a personal access token at GitHub it is possible for every user to create a complete customized access token using the scopes which are assigned to the user. We will also extend the developer portal with a new tab where a user can configure such a token.

  • Add C# and Python SDK support

    We will extend our code generator so that it is possible to generate client SDKs in C# and Python, through this we can also support C# and Python at our Fusio SDK.

The Multi-Tenancy and Personal Access Tokens feature is almost completed, we are currently working mainly on the Worker redesign, you can also follow our progress at the fusio-impl repository. Besides those features we also plan to improve our website and documentation for the new release. Feel free to participate at our GitHub discussions or Discord server.

As a last note, I like to thank every supporter of Fusio, in 2024 we have seen a huge spike in visitors and engagement. We think that Fusio is a unique tool on the API marketplace which bridges the gap between API management and general backend as a service provider. So we are excited for the future and we will continue to follow our mission to create innovative API solutions.

Best regards