Marketplace introduction

posted by chriskapp on

We like to introduce the new Fusio marketplace. The marketplace is a new way to install and use apps which work with the Fusio API. The great advantage of Fusio is that it is API based and provides apps for specific use-cases. I.e. we have the "backend" app to manage Fusio but also an app "vscode" which is specifically designed to develop endpoint actions. There are many more great possibilities to work with Fusio through such an use-case specific app. In combination with the new adapter "provider" feature it would be possible to ship a complete application, where the provider defines all API endpoints and the app consumes those endpoints.

Until now we have always included all apps at the public/ folder of Fusio but we have realised that many users dont always need all apps. Instead evey user has specific requirements. Because of this we have build the marketplace to make it easy for users to install/update such apps. It is also really easy to add a new app to the marketplace, therefor you only need to submit a PR to the marketplace file.

The next 1.8 release of Fusio will include the marketplace at the backend panel. Future releases of Fusio will also only include the backend app. All other apps can be easily installed through the marketplace. We think this is a great way to also involve the community and to discover new use-cases for Fusio by building a specialized app. If you have any thoughts or ideas about the marketplace please let us know.