Version 1.6.0 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are really happy to announce version 1.6.0 of Fusio. This release improves especially the monetization system of Fusio. Without further ado let us take a look at the important changes of this release:

  • Improved monetization system added contract and invoice to plan #217

    We have extended our monetization system so that it is now possible to create contracts with recurring payments. There is also a new console command which triggers a billing run to automatically create new invoices for specific contracts. This was a highly requested feature and the new structure enables us also to implement more complex billing flows in the future.

  • Updated backend and consumer app

    We have updated the backend and consumer app. Most noticeable we have created a new navigation for the backend app, since the old navigation was not fitting for all navigation entries. Also the backend app considers the expire time of the access token. Besides this both apps work now with the improved monetization system, which means we can work with contracts and invoices.

  • Created Fusio javascript SDK

    We have created a new javascript sdk for Fusio, which is also available on NPM. This SDK helps to simply talk to the Fusio API. It is based on the automatically generated typescript definitions from all API endpoints schemas. A user can also use the same approach to easily create an SDK for their API. In the future we want to create more SDKs for different languages.

  • Custom user attributes #226

    It is now possible to specify custom user attributes. If you want to extend the user table with specific user attributes for your app, you can now simply configure them through the configuration.

  • CLI action add command handle optional arguments #230

    Fix handling parameters if you invoke an action through CLI.

  • Add option to get information about the current token i.e. scopes inside an action

    The Fusio engine context contains now also the array of scopes which are assigned to the token. This enables developers to implement specific behaviour inside an action in case the user has specific scopes.

  • PHP Sandbox allow the definition of functions

    The PHP sandbox allows now also the creation of simple functions.

  • Update dotenv dependency

    We have updated the dotenv library to ^4.2. Through this you could also use the loadEnv method to handle env files for different environments i.e. dev, prod.

  • Added missing entity id to all backend endpoint schemas

    For most backend entity API endpoints the variable path fragment for the id was missing at the schema specification which is now fixed.

  • HTTP adapter redirect variable path fragments

    The HTTP adapter redirects now also variable path fragments.