Version 1.7.0 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are really excited to announce version 1.7 of Fusio. This release contains many great new features and overall improvements. The following list covers the complete changelog:

  • Add discover route endpoint #249

    A new route was added which allows 3rd party apps to discover available routes and the used actions. Through this it is possible to build apps in the future which work only with specific routes.

  • Add command to clear the cache #243

    We added a new command which clears the cache.

  • Add GraphQL proxy #238

    Similar to the HTTP-Processor action we have created a GraphQL-Processor which proxies requests to a remote GraphQL endpoint.

  • Add option to specify an operation id for each method #236

    It is now possible to specify an operation id for each route method. This operation id is used at the OpenAPI spec and also at the new JsonRPC endpoint.

  • Pre-configured routes #233

    We have added a new feature called pre-configured routes. Through a pre-configured route an adapter can add schemas, actions and routes under a specific base path. This simplifies the usage for the user and it also helps to develop complete apps as pre-configured route.

  • Added new vscode app which allows to edit PHP sandbox actions #191

    We have added a new app which helps to develop all actions through a simple and easy to use editor with autocomplete support.

  • Add RPC endpoint to execute actions directly #167

    We have added a new JsonRPC endpoint which allows to invoke every method also via JsonRPC. This allows to call multiple methods with a single call. The method name is based on the operation id. Since we now have also an RPC way to call methods we can easily extend this to other RPC systems like GRPC or Thrift.

  • Fix issue in SqlTable action to handle null values #239

    We fixed an issue to properly handle null values at the SqlTable action.