Version 1.9.0 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are really excited to announce version 1.9 of Fusio. The following list covers the most important changes of this release:

  • Add rest password process for users which have registered through email. The user receives an email containing a link with a token which can be used to change the current password

    We have added a new endpoint to start a restore process for a user in case he has lost the password. The system then sends a mail to the user with a restore link containing a token. The link can be adjusted through the config. The app then needs to send the token to an endpoint to set a new password.

  • Renamed column period to period_type for MariaDB compatibility #252

    This was a long standing issue for MariaDB users so we have finally renamed the column and new users can now also use MariaDB

  • Return refresh token for simple login and add option extend an existing access token #264

    The simple login endpoint returns now also a refresh token which can be used at the OAuth2 endpoint to get a new token before it expires. Through this it is possible to extend an existing token.

  • Restructured clean command to remove expired database entries i.e. app token instead of removing the demo files

    The clean command is now used to remove expired database entries instead of files.

  • Added specific scopes to backend/consumer endpoints to allow access to only specific parts of the backend/consumer API

    We have now specific scopes for the backend and consumer scopes. This allows to create users which have only access to specific parts of the backend.

  • Add option to request concrete scopes for backend and consumer authorization

    It is now possible to request specific scopes for the backend and consumer login. Through this an app can request only specific scopes which increases the security.

  • Expired JWT return proper 401 status code #268

    In case the JWT is expired the endpoint returns now a proper 401 status code.

Besides these changes we have also created a new integration repository which continuously tests the complete upgrade path of the latest 5 releases which ensures a smooth upgrade to the next version.