Version 1.9.1 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are really excited to announce version 1.9.1 of Fusio. The following list covers the most important changes of this release:

  • Improved the routes overview at the backend app

    The backend app contains now an improved routes overview which shows all available routes and the configured schema and action settings.

  • Action constructor dependency injection #301

    It is now possible to add constructor arguments which are automatically resolved by the DI auto-wire feature. This is now the preferred way to get dependencies from the DI container the ContainerAwareInterface is now deprecated.

  • Publish internal events through webhooks feature #288

    We publish now all also all internal events through our webhook system. This allows to register for internal events i.e. a user was created.

  • Add option to deploy a schema class #251

    It is now also possible to define a JSON schema as PHP class by using specific annotations.

  • SqlTable provider generate schema based on the table schema #294

    The provider generates now the complete JSON schema based on the available table columns.

  • Add Laravel and Symfony adapter #246

    We have added a Laravel and Symfony adapter which helps to build actions based on the specific framework.

  • Add PHP version 7.4 to all test cases

    We have added PHP 7.4 to all test cases.

  • Make schema TypSchema compatible

    To improve our code generator we try to move our schema definition from JSON schema to TypeSchema. TypeSchema is a stricter JSON schema dialect which is optimized for code generation.