Version 1.9.3 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are really happy to announce version 1.9.3 of Fusio. The following list covers the most important changes of this release:

  • Migrated all apps to a repo with a fusio-apps prefix

    We have moved all apps under the apioo organization and prefixed them with fusio-apps.

  • Removed backend app from repo and install backend app through marketplace on install

    We have removed the backend app from the Fusio repo and install the app now automatically through the install.php script. It is also easy possible to install the app through the command php bin/fusio marketplace:install fusio

  • Moved apps from public folder into a dedicated apps folder

    We have created a separated apps folder where we place all installed apps. Through this we no longer preserve theses paths add the public folder. This has also the advantage that you can create a custom sub-domain for all your apps which is only accessible for specific users.

  • Added no SSL verify option to marketplace install/update command

    Since the backend app is no longer included we have also added an option to skip the SSL verify option in case your OS has no fitting pem file.

  • Add .htaccess to root dir which redirect all requests to the public/ folder

    We had many users who want to use Fusio inside a sub-folder i.e. at To solve this we have added a .htaccess file which redirects all requests to the public folder.